At Pace With Nature

When hiking, the destination becomes a very small detail of the Journey. It might sound like the usual catchphrase but it is a truth that unveils itself itself to me any time I explore a new trail. Climbing, breathing, sweating determine the rhythm of the hiking experience. Every other aspect of my life becomes silenced and my thoughts dance to the sound of my footsteps, interrupted only by the wind, water streams or some marmot screaming. Troubles simply disappear.


Matthew and I have a common passion for hiking and exploring natural sceneries. Although we have differences, for example he is more of a freestyler and I am more of a planner, we find the perfect balance when it comes to just picking up our backpacks and putting one foot in front of the other. Also we have different bodies and our stamina and athletic endurance are different, but that never becomes a problem. Matthew walk very fast on uphill, but I find a way of keeping up with him at a short distance – just the right amount of time for him to take a good picture. It’s a win-win: Matthew takes a load of amazing pictures and I get to keep a steady pace. But the best thing about our hikes together (after, in order of importance, the amazing sceneries) is the quiet between us. it is not a painful silence, the void of conversation, but it is a filling silence. it’s the chance to be together with one another and at the same time completely immerse in the surrounding. It’s being separate individuals but simultaneously being part of a Whole. i find this aspect rather important. Each hiker should taste the benefits of following his/her own walking pace. Because walking isn’t merely a physical experience, but mostly of all an exercise of the mind and of the soul.




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