The Sound of Silence

Much of our trips have silence as a companion. In its natural form, it rules the high altitudes and can only be broken by the call of marmots, of water running and of falling rocks. Usually, in the distance we hear the sound of the “civil world” but luckily the rocks work like a screen and after passing a peak, silence returns as unqualified ruler. Often people ask to us how is it possible not to feel alone in this conditions, how is it possible to get used to the absence of human sounds?

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Honestly, I don’t have the answer. The silence of the peaks comes always with surprise and it’s hard to dive into it. The rhythm of our steps scans the daily hike, the breath regulates the intensity and the few words we exchange, make us feel part of human nature. But at night, once we set up our camp and have dinner we slip into our sleeping bags and totally in silence, we penetrate into the night. When you are in a tent by night, it’s natural to realize that you are not at home, but someone else’s home. Every sound seems amplified and the feeling of loneliness is hard to deal. This is the moment to be filled with everything around us, to take part of the space and to dive in all the feelings that take us by surprise.

Let yourself always be surprised when hiking, because there is no better way to deal with the journey of life. Routine makes us dull, flat, devoid of color, whereas Wonder, is what drives the human spirit in search of the moment where we began to exist. Take a trip, and try to immerse yourself in the silence. Perhaps, as has happened to so many explorers of the past, you will feel at home in the most remote places.



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